By aiming higher, we reinvent ourselves.

In 1934, an extraordinary racing aircraft opened up new horizons: the Caudron-Renault Rafale.
Today, this high-flying design inspires us once again to bring the sky to the road.
Renault Rafale E-Tech hybrid, streamlined design, sculpted lines, solarbay® opacifying panoramic glass roof, openR link with Google built-in¹ and more than 50 available apps.

200 hp

E-Tech full hybrid powertrain

300 hp

E-Tech 4x4 available at a later date2

up to

1,100 km

of driving range3

984 cm²

openR screen + heads-up display

1 Google, Google Play, Android Auto, Google Maps are trademarks of Google LLC. 2 Order in Spring 2024. Delivery in Autumn 2024. 3 on E-Tech full hybrid version, with a full petrol tank, according to WLTP data 4 depending on version

E-Tech full hybrid

up to 1,100 km of driving range*

* E-Tech full hybrid 200 hp version, with a full petrol tank, according to WLTP data

Inspired by aeronautics, Renault Rafale’s design reflects the subtle, streamlined shape of a fuselage. A product of extensive research, the sleek sportback body fits naturally in its environment, resulting in a dynamic SUV coupé with a sporty silhouette.

Renault Rafale’s seats are wide and sporty. They provide support and optimum comfort for the driver and passengers while enhancing driving sensations. The Alpine logo on the backrests lights up when you open the door²

Enjoy an immersive driving experience inside Renault Rafale. The driver-oriented instrument panel places the controls at your fingertips, with the screens in direct line of sight.

The fold-down ingenius® rear armrest is equipped with 2 USB-C ports. Several configurations are possible for inserting your electronic devices.

At almost 1m², the solarbay® opacifying panoramic glass roof darkens and lightens on demand, via voice or manual control. Maintain your thermal comfort in summer and winter by selecting one of the 4 opacifying modes.