H&H Motors Services

A service is an opportunity to find out, in detail, the condition of your car. Follow the maintenance recommendations by servicing your vehicle in H&H Motors to extend its life span and improve its performance.

Peace of Mind

At H&H Motors all our technicians have received the most up to date training for your vehicle and have access to the latest diagnositic equipment. You can rest assured that we only ever use Approved Renault Parts when we service and repair your vehicle. This guarantees that all work carried out on your vehicle is of the highest quality and that the level of safety in your vehicle is never compromised. In addition, if that were not enough, all repair work carried out is guaranteed for 1 year.

H&H Motors Service Checklist

  • Replace Oil & Oil Filter
  • Top up all Fluid Levels
  • Check Tyre Thread Depths
  • Set Tyre Pressures
  • Carry out 25 Point Health Check
  • Complimentary Car Wash
  • Reset Service Light
  • Fill Out and Stamp Service Book

Who can maintain your Renault better than H&H Motors Renault?

The Renault Solution: Trusting us with the maintenance of your vehicle means:

  • Operations as recommended in the maintenance programme of your vehicle.
  • An inspection of the operation of mechanical and electronic components.
  • Free fluid top-ups.
  • A team of specialist technicians will take care of your vehicle to offer you the most appropriate solution. Therefore, you will be guaranteed a perfect result.

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