Renault Parts

During the lifetime of a vehicle, components inevitably wear out and need replacing. From brake pads and spark plugs to cambelts, each item has its own lifespan, which must be changed for a new part.

Ensuring vehicle parts are replaced with genuine Renault Parts when necessary is key to optimum performance. It’s also essential that the replacement is of the highest quality, so that the performance, safety and reliability of your vehicle isn’t compromised. Original Equipment (OE) parts are factory original Renault car and van parts. All OE parts are purpose-built to meet the exact specifications of Renault vehicles, meaning you are guaranteed a fit first time. This can save you valuable time and money.

At H&H Motors Renault, our team of specialist technicians only use genuine Renault parts when making repairs or replacements and ensure to offer you the most appropriate solution. Meaning that you can be confident your car or van will continue to run smoothly for many kilometres to come.

Genuine Original Equipment Parts at H&H Motors

Entrusting H&H Motors with your vehicle means benefiting from many guarantees:

  • 350 real crash tests and over 4,500 virtual tests performed every year
  • 700 patent applications every year to provide parts at the forefront of technology
  • 600 engineers and technicians who oversee the choice of materials, of manufacturing processes and test methods
  • A perfect geometry, giving optimum aesthetics, aerodynamics and optimum assembly time during repairs.
  • One-year parts and labour warranty
  • A twelve-year warranty for panel work parts

Standard Exchange Offer

Standard Exchange are parts that are cheaper than new ones. These parts are re-manufactured to a new standard with the same attention to quality and reliability. Specifically designed for vehicles more than 4 years’ old, the Renault standard exchange parts enable you to save up to 50% compared with the purchase of a new part.

H&H Motors recommends the Renault Standard Exchange parts because:

  • The origin of the parts: taken from a vehicle identical to yours and re-manufactured.
  • A shorter repair lead time.
  • Optimum quality using the Renault expertise in terms of design, manufacturing, and reliability.
  • A one-year warranty and the “Genuine Part” label certification.

The Motrio Offer at H&H Motors

The more a vehicle ages, the more significant its maintenance budget. However, with the Motrio Competitive Fixed Prices, you can save on the maintenance cost of your car that is more than 6 years’ old while maintaining a quality service.

What is Motrio?

Suitable for use on older Renault or all other makes of vehicles, Motrio offers a competitively priced range of consumables and wear and tear and mechanical products, which are easy to fit and very durable. Motrio have the same level of quality manufacturing you would expect from Renault.

The H&H Motors Renault Solution

Who can repair your Renault better than Renault? A team of specialist technicians will take care of your vehicle to offer you the most appropriate solution. You will, therefore, be guaranteed a perfect result.

  • Contact Parts Manager, Mark McCabe, for more information on Renault Parts. Call H&H Motors on 051-876400.