Jogger Saves the Day

As of today, the Dacia Jogger has been honoured by the Irish times as ‘the answer to most family motoring needs’. In an article written by Michael McAleer, the Jogger has been hailed as the best seven seater for under €30,000 in the market being one of the ‘big surprises of 2022’.

McAleer exposes the well known drought of people carriers in the new Irish car market, emphasizing the desirable nature of such a model. With this being such a major factor, Dacia are praised for not travelling down the common road taken by other car brands and taking advantage of this state through the charging of inflated prices.

If that’s not enough of a motivation, McAleer goes on to expresss their admiration for the ergonomics of the vehicle whilst still maintaining functionality at it’s core. Particular notes being made on the continuation of the use of buttons and knobs for the main controls and the added feature of a screen with carplay and android links.

He also expresses his admiration for the creative license granted by the somewhat 60 different seat variations afforded. This includes a favorite involving the folding of the middle row, providing ‘first class’ level leg space when seated in the back seat.

From a weeks experience, McAleer notes that the Jogger also ‘delivers surprisingly decent torque when demanded to perform some overtaking, while still delivering decent fuel economy’. Although one might not be seeking driving pleasure when in search for such a car, the writer does highlight it’s pleasant nature behind the wheel.

Overall the Jogger managed to receive a 4/5 rating. The article closed with the claim that the Jogger is the ‘best seven-seater out there – answering all your family needs’.

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