Electric Vehicles . . . The Future of Driving

Car trends and technologies may come and go, but electric vehicles are here to stay. At the recent Geneva Motor Show, the Renault ZOE e-sport was unveiled. This lightweight two seater car – a concept from three years of success in the Formula E Championship – is made up of carbon fibre and can accelerate from zero to 62mph in 3.2 seconds. Very impressive!

So, not only are electric vehicles the future of passenger driving, but they are also making tracks in the motor sport world. As you can see in the below picture, this ZOE e-sport is very expressive in its design and sportiness is taken to the extreme. Who knows? We might get to test drive this car one day at H&H Motors!


151 Renault ZOE – H&H Motors Waterford

Recently we posted a video on H&H Motors Facebook page about a 151 Renault ZOE car that we have on offer in our showroom at the moment. As you might or might not know, the Renault ZOE car is powered 100% on electricity. The used 151 ZOE in the video has a fully charged battery life of 210KM. To put that into context, you could drive from Waterford to Killarney straight –  a nearly three hour car journey – without having to stop and charge.


We don’t just have one fully powered electric car on offer at the moment – we have a total of three. Along with the ZOE, we also have the Twizzy  – a fun, energetic and comfortable small car – and light commercial van (LCV), Kangoo Z.EThis van delivers all the benefits of electric mobility, yet has all the top quality features that you expect of an LCV, including cruise control, Bluetooth/USB radios and rear parking sensors. 


171 ZOE battery: 400KM

171 Twizzy battery: 100Km

171 KANGOO Z.E. battery: 126KM (approx)


Renault KANGOO Z.E.

Where & How To Charge?

Some people might think that it is hard or cumbersome to charge an electric vehicle. However, it’s not and there are two main options to charge a car in Ireland:

At Home: If you buy an electric car, you will then be able to qualify for the SEAI Electric Vehicle Grant Scheme, which is offered by the ESB. If the home charge point is installed, you will then be able to charge your vehicle overnight. An ideal situation!

In Public: If you are away from home, you can then avail of the 1,200 public charging points available in Ireland at the moment. We have no doubt that this number is only going to rise in the coming years, as electric cars become more widespread.

H&H Motors Waterford

So, why don’t you plug into the positive energy and check out these electric cars and LCV out in H&H Motors Renault? We are located on Waterford’s ‘Motor Mile’, Cork road, and can help with all your queries.

P.S. The 151 Renault ZOE is still waiting for its new owner! 😉