Irish and Leinster Rugby Player, Tadhg Furlong

Despite his young age, 24-year-old Wexford native, Tadhg Furlong, is hitting the big time as an Irish and Leinster rugby player. A humble man in personality, but a firecracker on the pitch, Furlong, who is the brand ambassador for H&H Motors in Waterford, certainly makes an impact. When the rugby player visited us here at H&H Motors on Wednesday last, he certainly did make an impact. In particular for the rugby fans who especially visited our showrooms to catch a glimpse of Tadhg!

Tadhg has been the brand ambassador for H&H Motors Renault Kadjar since January 2016, and he was here to star in our new car Kadjar video series, ‘A Star in a Kadjar with WLR’.


Renault Kadjar

According to Tadhg, the Renault Kadjar is a super drive and there are many features that he likes about the design:

  1. Large Interior Space: Commuting is something that Tadhg is all too familiar with, as he frequently travels to and from Wexford and Dublin for rugby training. Therefore, the spacious interior that the Renault Kadjar offers is perfect for someone who leads a busy and jam-packed life.
  2. Low Fuel Cost: I think we can all sympathize with spending a fortune on petrol, especially driving long distances. However, the great thing about the Renault Kadjar is its fuel efficiency. “I usually spend very little money on fuel per week, and that includes when I have to drive to and from Dublin on the motorway,” says Tadhg.
  3. Design & Safety: The cool, sleek and sporty design that the Renault Kadjar offers is certainly eye catching, and fits in perfectly with Tadhg’s adventurous life.

*The starting RRP price for the Renault Kadjar is €25,190.


‘A Star in a Kadjar with WLR’

As part of a new series that we have started in H&H Motors, Tadhg recently starred in a Q&A video with WLR FM’s ‘The Big Breakfast Blaa’ presenters Ollie and O’Neill. The video clip will be released soon, and you will learn a few things about Tadhg that you might not have known. ‘What’s Tadhg’s favourite meal?’

Keep an eye on our H&H Motors and Tipperary Renault Facebook pages for Tadhg’s upcoming video and a competition!

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