Here at H&H Motors Waterford, we don’t ‘do’ sales on our used cars, instead, for the next ten days we are having a MASSIVE MADNESS BLOWOUT!

Some of you might be wondering why we don’t have a sale on, or why would we promote this? It’s simple really. We want to let you know that our prices are constantly low. We’re always looking to do better in terms of our price, we constantly scour the internet to make sure our prices are the keenest in Waterford and the south-east. In terms of offers, we know we are the sharpest. We know we have the best prices in Waterford.

We know, on average, we can save you up to €1,000 on interest payments. EVEN on used cars! But we also want to offer you an incentive to buy a car here. So for the next ten days, we’re having a used car madness! What we’re going to do is offer a €100 voucher to every person who buys a used car here in H&H Motors. And the voucher is going to be towards your kids’ school books, or your kids’ uniforms.

We all know someone who has a child going to school. You may not have a child yourself, you could be a grandparent, you could be a brother, you could be a sister – it doesn’t matter! Once you buy a car here in H&H Motors in the next ten days, you will get a €100 voucher, either towards school books or towards uniforms.

You decide! It’s as simple as that. We know we have the keenest prices. We know we have the best finance rates. We know we have the best offers. We definitely have the largest selection of cars here in Waterford. Now we have a little offer to go with it as well, to give you a little helping hand towards your school books or uniforms. Call out to H&H Motors in the next ten days and take advantage of our MASSIVE MADNESS BLOWOUT!

Contact us on 051-876400 and one of our sales specialists can answer all of your questions.

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